How to Choose Your Vitamin D Supplement

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Why do I need Vitamin D?

Vitamin D deficiency could lead to complications with your cardiovascular system, cancer, increased risks of infections, as well as other diseases; though a direct link between them has not yet been established.

However, what has been established for a fact — is the link between this deficiency and the condition of your bones. This element is known to be involved in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, which, in turn, directly affects the growth and density of bone tissue. Children are at risk of developing rickets, as are adults, with osteomalacia being a distinct possibility.

Vitamin D helps to either prevent these hazards, or the heal them in their various stages of development.

More than that, some scientists claim that decreasing levels of vitamin D in a person’s body is connected to a potentially more severe condition in the case of COVID-19.

How much of it do I take?

Taking Easter Europe as an example, vitamin D deficiency starts at 20 ng/mL (50 nmol/L) for adults. The norm varies from country to country, even the very idea of a “norm” is debated by some.

Whatever the case may be, if you are unsure which type and dosage of vitamin D to pick, we strongly recommend consulting with your physician.

Here are some recommendations from Russia-based endocrinologists to those living in similar climate zones:

Daily norm:

Under 50 years old — 600-800 international units (15–20 mg);

Over 50 years old  — 800-1000 international units (20-25 mg);

During pregnancy / nursing — 800–1200 international units (20-30 mg).

Which one do I pick?

Vitamin D is sold in a variety of forms.

The most popular one of them is Cholecalciferol — vitamin D3. Forming in your skin under the unfluence of UV lights, it is a fat-soluble vitamin itself.

Keep in mind, Vitamin D3 is best taken in the form of capsules or drops.

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