iHerb promotions and discounts

last updated on 11 February, 2022

iHerb offers many discounts that are undiscoverable for ordinary customers. For instance, though it is possible to find weekly deals on the main page, many other iHerb deals and especially iHerb coupon codes are hidden, making finding them not an easy task.

Here on this page are all of the deals and promotions diligently gathered and regularly updated by us. Only active iHerbs promo codes are to be found here, as the team is always hard at work making sure the content is up to date.

iHerb coupons and promo codes

a list verified on a daily basis, containing all the iHerb.com discount codes

There are two types of coupons at iHerb: Promo codes and Rewards codes (also known as "referral codes”). You can use two codes per order: one Promo and one Rewards code.

The discounts on each promo code vary, so choose the most profitable one for your order wisely.

iHerb codes for the entire order

iherb Rewards code

5% off every iHerb order

$5 off your first iHerb order

valid for all countries
Activate Deal
can be stacked with other deals

10% off your $40 order

valid for all countries
Activate Deal
till February, 15
‍10:00 AM PT
iherb ST VaLentine's day

10% off your $60 order

valid for all countries
Activate Deal
till December, 31
iherb coupon code

22% off your first iHerb order

valid for all countries
Activate Deal
limited time offer
iherb NEWCOMERS code

iHerb codes for some individual brands

20% off BodyBio

valid for all countries
Activate Deal
till June, 30
iherb PROMOcode 2022

20% off HighKey

valid for all countries
Activate Deal
till February, 28
iherb PROMO code 2022

15% off La Tourangelle

valid for all countries
Activate Deal
till December, 31
iherb COUPON code 2022

20% off Twinings

valid for all countries
Activate Deal
till March, 31
iherb COUPON code 2022

15% off KOS

valid for Japan 🇯🇵
Activate Deal
till March, 31
iherb COUPON code 2022

15% off Yogi Tea

valid for Japan and Saudi Arabia 🇯🇵 🇸🇦
Activate Deal
till March, 31
iherb COUPON code 2022

Following the link automatically applies the respective iHerb promo code to your Shopping Cart. You can also apply the code to your Cart manually, by typing it into the “Enter Promo/Rewards Code” field and then pressing the Apply button.

iHerb weekly deals (no code required!)

valid for next two weeks

There are usually 12-15 discounts on various brands and products given by iHerb every week. Weekly promotions begin on Wednesday at 10 AM PST and end the following Wednesday at 10 AM PST.

Many of the iHerb.com discounts are hidden from an average customer. Such deals are not officially announced, so there is little chance of discovering them naturally — even stumbling upon them by accident is hard, as more than 25,000 products are available in total. These promotions are also carefully collected and published below.

Our iHerb deals are sorted by product categories, so switch the tabs to see them all ↓
iHerb Supplements Deals

— 10% off Garden of Life

— 15% off Nature's Plus

— 20% off Trace Minerals Research

— 10% off LifeSeasons

valid till December, 22

— 10% off New!

valid till December, 31
iHerb Bath & Beauty Deals

— 10% off Aveeno

— 20% off RapidLash

— 20% off SKINFOOD

— 20% off Sky Organics

valid till December, 22
iHerb Sports Deals

— 10% off Muscletech

— 10% off Universal Nutrition

valid till December, 22
iHerb Baby & Kids Deals

— 20% off Gerber

valid till December, 22

— up to 60% off Children Supplements

iHerb Grocery Deals

— 20% off Crown Prince Natural

valid till December, 22
iHerb Home & Pets Deals

Home Deals:

— up to 60% off Healthy Home

Pets Deals:

— up to 60% off Pets Supplements

5% OFF (or more!) iHerb Exclusives

brands that are available only at iHerb.com

iHerb house brands (i.e. iHerb exclusives) number more than 500 products. These exclusives are manufactured and packaged exclusively in the USA and Canada, and qualified raw materials are sourced from around the world at the highest level of industry standards. Read more about quality

All discounts will appear on the Shopping Cart page after adding the products and applying the iHerb coupon code BEZ1340.

iherb omega 3 discount

clinical strength Omega-3 from Norway

iherb discount 10 percent off

collagen supplements and gummies for healthy looking hair, skin, and strong nails

iherb com supplements
Lake Avenue Nutrition

comprehensive nutritional support to help maintain your daily health goals

and 5% off 22 brands more

iHerb combo offers

extra discounts for some of the products

Some iHerb products are linked together. If you add both of those linked products to your Shopping Cart, you will get an extra discount on one of them. That kind of deal is called a Combo Deal.

iherb vitamin d3 discount 3 dollars off
$3 off Vitamin D3 iHerb

with any other iHerb product

You can check your combo offers in the Cart. To do so, add both the Combo Product and the product that activates this deal. Something along the lines of "Bundle: -$5.20" will appear near the product, which will indicate that this iHerb discount has been successfully activated.

Other tips for saving money at iHerb.com

available everyday
Even more deals everyday

Try your luck on these iHerb pages, there is a lot of discounted products:

— Special Deals

— Clearance

— Trial Prices

Extra 5% off

Get an extra quantity discount when buying 2 or more identical products.

Free or discounted iHerb shipping

Shipping rates vary from country to country, but as a general rule they are either fairly low or non-existent at all.

Don’t forget about any duties and taxes in your country (particularly if you live in the EU), as some shipping methods don't include them.

Frequently Asked Questions about iHerb

most popular iHerb FAQs
Q: Is it safe to buy supplements from iHerb.com?

A: Yes! iHerb is a legitimate business. All branded supplements are genuine and sourced directly from Brand Manufacturers.

iHerb has also been chosen as best online supplement retailer by ConsumerLab (proof).

Q: How to get Free Shipping on iHerb?

A: iHerb offers automatic free shipping to many countries for orders over $20 or $40 (depends on the country).

Select your country in the Site Preferences and go to the Shopping cart to see what shipping options are available. Even if the iHerb shipping isn’t free for your country, it is still discounted.

Q: Where to get a coupon code for iHerb purchase?

A: You can use coupon code BEZ1340 during checkout at iHerb to save on any purchase. This code offers a discount 5% off any iHerb order.